Nicki’s Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

I have to be honest, with the beautiful spring/summer weather we’ve been enjoying, I haven’t been spending much time inside to blog.  And with our new house comes new landscaping projects…something I REALLY enjoy doing!  So, with a little more dirt under my fingernails and a lot more green in my flower beds, I’m ready to get back to sharing some of my favorite baby products with you today.

You may already know I’m a huge fan of Nicki’s Diapers and their Buy One Give One program from past blog posts.  I’ve tried all their one size cloth diaper products, so when Caleb was born, they were kind enough to send me some of their newborn diapers to try out as well.  Of course, they did not disappoint!  Today, I’d like to share Nicki’s three newborn cloth diaper options: an All In One, a cover, and a fitted.

Newborn Bamboo All In One

Fit: Of the three Nicki’s newborn diapers, the bamboo AIO (All In One) is the smallest.  This is perfect for really tiny newborns and fits nice and trim under onesies.  As you can see in the above picture, it’s already on its largest waist setting for 11 lb Caleb.  There are no rise snaps on this diaper.

Function: With the bamboo insert that can snap out for easier washing and drying, this AIO is very absorbent.  However, if your baby is a super soaker, they still may be able to out-pee this diaper within a few weeks.  You have the choice between snap and aplix closure, and I prefer the snaps for Nicki’s brand.  Nicki’s also has a newborn Ultimate AIO you can choose, if you prefer stay dry material for your baby.

Favorites: If you have small babies and want a diaper that is easy to use, this newborn bamboo AIO is the perfect choice for you.  The natural fiber bamboo insert is soft against the baby’s skin and is quick to put on.

Newborn Overnight Bamboo Fitted

Fit: Another great choice for tiny babies, the Nicki’s overnight bamboo fitted can snap down nice and small.  Caleb finally outgrew it around three months old (12-13 lbs), but it was a favorite of mine for when he was first born.


Check out the snap down in the front to give an umbilical cord plenty of room!


Newborn Overnight Bamboo Fitted on 11 lb, two month old Caleb.

Function: Since the entire diaper is made out of absorbent bamboo, this is a great choice for heavy wetters.  You need to put a waterproof cover on top to keep clothes dry.  It also has an insert that snaps in for extra absorbency.

Favorites: This diaper is SO soft!  I also love the umbilical cord snap down in the front, so your baby can wear this diaper from day one.  The multi colored snap closure and edging is also a fun feature.

Newborn Cover

Fit: This cover can get very small, but also has the most room to grow because it includes rise snaps.  Caleb is five months old and still easily fits in these covers!

Function: The cover has lots of great features like the crossover snaps for tiny newborn waists, inner flaps to hold inserts in place,  and rise snaps to adjust the size to perfectly fit a small or large baby.  These are also perfect for covering the Nicki’s Newborn Overnight Bamboo Fitted diapers.  You can reuse the covers a few times as long as they aren’t soaked or soiled, so you get the most bang for your buck with these.

Favorites: I personally love the snap closure on these covers, but aplix closures are also available.  I also like how they fit so nice and trim under clothing (I used flour sack towels as inserts the first few months) and the double gussets for holding in any messes.  These covers are definitely my FAVORITES as far as newborn diapers go!

How does the newborn cover compare to Nicki’s One Size cover?  Here is a picture of both on the smallest settings.  You can see it is quite a bit smaller, and while the OS cover can fit newborns, the newborn cover is much less bulky under clothing and leaves no gaps for messes to escape.  🙂

If you are wanting to cloth diaper a newborn, all of Nicki’s newborn diapers are a great choice.  You can order yours here.  If you want to see how the Nicki’s one size diaper covers fit on newborns, check out my favorite OS diapers for newborns.

I received a Nicki’s newborn bamboo fitted and newborn diaper covers free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.  This post may contain affiliate links.

“Take Them a Meal” Ideas for New Moms

One of greatest gifts our family received with the birth of our children was when our friends and family brought us meals when we came home from the hospital.  Being able to relax without the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping for those first weeks was wonderful, not to mention we enjoyed trying new recipes our friends brought over!

Today I thought I’d share some recipe ideas* and tips for great meals you can make for new moms.

The best place to get started is to create a meal sign up for your friend.  Meal Train and Take Them a Meal are free websites that make it simple for people to sign up to bring meals online.  You can share the link via email or on a friend’s Facebook page.


  1. Along with dinner, bring enough disposable dishes, plasticware, and napkins for the family to use at dinnertime.  That way they don’t need to worry about dishes.
  2. Double the recipe so you have enough for your family to eat at home.
  3. Can’t deliver your meal the day you signed up?  Make a freezer meal and drop it off early.  Or, order the family their favorite take out and either drop it off or have it delivered.

Balsamic Chicken & Veggies

Main Dishes:

Side Dishes:

  • Frozen Steam-able Veggies (let them microwave it so it’s warm when they are ready to eat it.)
  • Mashed Potatoes (Don’t have tons of time?  Buy a bag of frozen Steam ‘n Mash Potatoes.)
  • Pasta
  • Fresh fruit/fruit salad
  • Salad (the pre-made salad mix bags make it easy to deliver a tasty salad without extra dishes!)


  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Ice cream

*Note: If the new mom is breastfeeding, her diet can affect her baby’s digestive system, sometimes causing gas or colic.  While each person is different, there are some basic foods to AVOID (or at least avoid large quantities) when making her a meal: cheese/dairy (or bring it on the side to be added on later), onions, garlic, peppers, broccoli, mexican food, beans.  The main dishes I suggested avoid most/all of these foods.

What are your favorite meals to bring to new moms?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Tushmate Newborn AIO and One Size AIO Review

Now that I once again have TWO kids in cloth diapers at the same time, I thought it was the perfect time to share my thoughts on the All-In-One cloth diapers by TushMate.  They were gracious enough to send me two beautiful diapers to try out for this review.

Newborn AIO


Features: The newborn AIO is made up of a waterproof TPU shell, a semi-attached hemp/cotton insert, and a stay dry liner on top.  As is true of all All-In-One diapers, everything is attached, which makes putting on the diaper very simple.  The insert can unfold to make it easy to wash and fast to dry.  Like all the TushMate prints, each diaper is printed so BOTH sides are right-side up,  and every diaper has a perfect picture on the bum.  The attention to detail sets this brand apart from many others.  My favorite feature?  The hook & loop closure.  It is the softest velcro (no scratchy edges or hooks to scratch sensitive baby skin), but is the stickiest I’ve tried.  I don’t know how they do it, but it’s amazing!


My favorite TushMate feature…the soft and sticky hook & loop fastener!


The stay dry liner keeps baby’s skin dry.


This gorgeous print is “right-side up” both in the front and back!

Function: The design of the newborn AIO makes it very easy to use.  No inserts to attach, and it all stays together in the wash.  I really like that it has both a natural fiber insert AND a stay dry liner on top.  The liner paired with the cover gives the diaper double gussets to keep in those newborn messes.  For absorbency, I’d say that it would be great for light-average wetters, but not for heavy wetters.  Fortunately, because the attached insert can fold out of the shell for washing and drying, it also gives the diaper a pocket to add extra absorbency.  That way it can work well for any newborn.


The fold out hemp/cotton insert makes it easy to wash and dry this AIO diaper.

Fit: The newborn AIO fit my 8 lb little guy perfectly.  It has adjustable rise snaps, so it can grow with your baby until he or she fits into one size diapers.  The velcro placement was perfect, so it didn’t scratch Caleb’s belly (unlike other brands I tried).  And the thin hemp/cotton insert made it the most trim fitting newborn diaper I tried as well.  It can easily fit under onesies and other tiny newborn clothes without being too bulky.


One Size AIO

Features: The one size AIO has the same features as the newborn AIO.  This is one of TushMate’s newest prints…colorful globe.  Isn’t it just beautiful?  I love that the AIO also has the same hidden snaps as TushMate’s AI2 diaper.  This makes adding in an extra TushMate insert very easy.



Function: Once again, the AIO diaper is definitely easy to use.  Even adding in an extra insert, the stay dry liner snaps to the front and hides all the layers inside the diaper.  This makes for a very simple diaper to put on.  I chose the snap closure for my diaper, but they can also come with their amazing hook & loop closure.  Evelyn is an average-heavy wetter, and while she could soak the attached hemp/cotton insert, I could add in the TushMate large hemp/cotton insert, and that would last for hours.  While it’s an AIO, TushMate definitely wins the award for most versatile diaper, since you can customize the absorbency for any baby.

Fit: Like the newborn AIO and their OS AI2 diaper, the TushMate AIO is a very trim diaper.  It has a great fit, and I don’t think Evelyn will outgrow it before she’s potty trained.


What’s your favorite feature of the TushMate AIO or newborn AIO?  Want to see more about the TushMate AI2 one size diaper?  Check out my review here.  Finally, check out TushMate’s website for more of their beautiful prints and to order your own diapers!  🙂

I received a TushMate newborn AIO and a One Size AIO diaper free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.

Do One-Size Cloth Diapers Really Fit a Newborn?

After Evelyn’s birth, I’m frequently asked how life is with two kids.  Honestly, it’s not as difficult a transition as the one going from no kids to one kid.  A couple years of experience under my belt has really helped everything go about as smoothly as I could wish for.  And Evelyn is a REALLY easy baby, so that helps!

Since I started cloth diapering Jeremiah when he was a month old, I was very excited to try cloth earlier with Evelyn.  Many cloth diaper companies claim their one-size diapers can fit from birth to potty trained, but which ones REALLY can fit a newborn?  While I haven’t tested out every brand (although I wish I could!), I did try some popular ones out on Evelyn to see how they worked.

Now, I know every newborn is a different size, so this won’t be true for everyone.  But, Evelyn was 7 lbs and 9 oz at birth, so she was a great average-sized baby to try these diapers on.  If you tend to have larger babies, it’s likely you will have even more success getting one-size diapers to fit from birth.

NOTE: Almost all OS diapers will be bulky on a newborn – especially if you’re putting them under a onesie.  But the diapers that “fit” could actually get small enough in the legs and waist so there were no gaps that minimized leaks.

One-Size Cloth Diapers that FIT a newborn:

Buttons Diapers – One of my favorites, see my review here!

IMG_3331-2 IMG_3333-2

Bum Genius 4.0 Pockets*

IMG_3476-2IMG_3478-2 IMG_3477-2

Softbums Echos* – Another one of my favorites!


Nicki’s Diapers Cover*


Peachy Baby


One-Size Cloth Diapers that DIDN’T fit a newborn (but still great diapers!):

Lil Helper

Nicki’s Pocket Diapers*

Moraki AI2*

TushMate AI2

Buying one-size cloth diapers can really save you a lot of money, if you truly can use them from birth to potty training.  I did end up getting some newborn diapers to fit better under Evelyn’s outfits, but I was happy to use many one-size diapers right from the start! What other brands of one-size cloth diapers have you found that fit a newborn?

*You can get these diapers from Nicki’s Diapers, one of my favorite online cloth diaper retailers.  Their customer service is fabulous!

This blog post may contain affiliate links (all opinions and reviews are still 100% my own).  If you purchase through them, you’ll be supporting The List Mama – Thanks!

Baby Registry: Newborn Clothing Essentials

I haven’t share a list in a while, so here’s one for all my new mom friends out there.  🙂

When you share the news that you’re expecting, the first thing people love to buy you is baby clothes.  And who can blame them?  They are so adorable!


Our baby BOY is giving us a thumbs up!

One of my favorite memories is from the day we found out we were expecting a boy.  I texted my co-workers this sonogram picture and shared the exciting news.  The next day one of my friends gave me a box of cute little boy clothes from Gymboree…she worked there and just couldn’t wait to pick some out for him!

So, you probably don’t need to put many clothes on your baby registry at all, but here are a few recommendations I have for what you will need for those first few months:


IMG_3668.CR2-2Newborn Mittens (Two 3 packs) – These are great to have because babies are really bad about scratching their faces when they cry.  And their nails are so sharp!  It’s nice to have quite a few because they do get sucked on and dirty, so you want clean ones to change out.

Newborn Onesies (4-6) – The most basic of all newborn clothing.  Here’s a neat thing I recently learned about their design:  The large head opening is also able to pull down over their body in case the baby has a blow out diaper and there is poo all over the bottom of it.  That way you don’t have to pull a poopy outfit over your baby’s face.  Genius!

JD outgrew the newborn sleeper we brought him home from the hospital in when he was five weeks old.

JD outgrew the newborn sleeper we brought him home from the hospital in when he was five weeks old.

Newborn Sleepers (4-6) – Both Jeremiah and Evelyn pretty much lived in these.  Except Evelyn was so long when she was born, she didn’t fit in any of her newborn sizes and ended up wearing her 0-3 month sleepers right away.

Newborn Socks (8 pack)

0-3 Month Onesies (4-8)
0-3 Month Outfits (4-8)
0-3 Month Sleepers (4-6)

Very Nice to Have, But Not Essential:

Gerber White Onesies (1 package/size) – These are great for layering under clothes…especially during the winter!  Both long and short sleeved onesies are great to have on hand.

Newborn Caps (5 pack) or headbands – I used these a bit for Jeremiah, but since he was a summer baby, I didn’t need them very long.  Not to mention he already had a full head of hair!  I loved having cute headbands in every color to go with Evie’s outfits.  She doesn’t wear them around home much, but they are great for making her look extra cute and girly when we are out in public.

Essential, But Don’t Need Right Away:

I think it’s a good idea to register for a few of these in various sizes.  I ended up with a TON of 0-3 month outfits, then nothing larger than that for Jeremiah.  He barely wore each outfit more than once or twice before he outgrew it.  You can’t know exactly what size of clothes your baby will need in each season, but you can give a pretty good guess*.  And if you live in Kansas, the weather changes so much, you could use pretty much any outfit (summer or winter) regardless of the season!

*Just FYI: the Carter’s brand clothing seems to be a lot more true to size than other brands.

3-6 Month Outfits

6-9 Month Outfits

12 Month Outfits

Well, there you go!  That should give you an idea of where to start with your clothing registry.  Want to know what else I recommend for your registry?  Click Baby Registry Listto download my FREE Baby Registry List with a bonus Hospital packing list & Postpartum supplies list!

And whatever you don’t get as a baby gift, there are always Craigslist deals, garage sales, and consignments sales where you can get some like-new clothes for just a fraction of the price.  If you want to see where I found my best deals, you should check out my post about getting Baby Gear Bargains here.

This blog post may contain affiliate links (all opinions and reviews are still 100% my own).  If you purchase through them, you’ll be supporting The List Mama – Thanks!