Why you should consider sized cloth diapers (Buttons Newborn and Super Cover Review)

It’s been a while since I did a diaper review, and I have one today to share with you. Buttons diapers recently came out with new newborn and super sized diapers to add to their one size (OS) diaper collection. When I first started cloth diapering, I only wanted to spend money on OS diapers, but now that I’ve been using cloth for over four years, I can see so many benefits on spending the extra money and getting sized diapers for the different stages babies go through.


Buttons newborn, one size, and super covers on their largest settings.


Why should you add sized cloth diapers to your stash?

*They fit better under newborn clothing. I started out with OS diapers when Jeremiah was one month old. While they did fit him without leaks (check out my blog post on OS diapers that DO fit newborns here), they were bulky under clothing, especially onesies. I quickly realized with Evelyn how nice it was to have a handful of newborn covers to use the first few months so she could fit in all her adorable outfits. The Buttons newborn cover is one of my favorites because it fits both tiny newborns, but also has rise snaps so it can grow and fit a baby well even after they aren’t newborns anymore. Caleb easily fit in his Buttons newborn cover at three-four months old.

*They fit larger toddlers better. Buttons super covers are perfect for toddlers when they are close to outgrowing their OS diaper covers. They are roomy enough to fit larger inserts (or even a fitted for night time), but can still get small enough to fit seven month old Caleb! They have flaps inside to hold inserts in place without them poking out the top or back. If you have chunky babies or toddlers that potty train later, the super covers are perfect for you.


The Super cover is large enough to easily fit FOUR year old Jeremiah!

*If you’re going to have two kids of different ages in cloth at the same time, you’ll need twice as many diapers anyway. So why not get the second set in a size that better fits one of your kiddos?

Want my honest opinion? If you’re on a tight cloth diaper budget, I’d stick with OS diapers (because Buttons OS diapers DO fit newborns and my 2.5 year old toddler). BUT, if you plan on cloth diapering more than one child and have the extra money, I’d totally take some of your budget and get some of the Buttons sized diapers…either newborn, super, or some of each!

I received a Buttons diaper free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.  This post may contain affiliate links.


Nicki’s Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

I have to be honest, with the beautiful spring/summer weather we’ve been enjoying, I haven’t been spending much time inside to blog.  And with our new house comes new landscaping projects…something I REALLY enjoy doing!  So, with a little more dirt under my fingernails and a lot more green in my flower beds, I’m ready to get back to sharing some of my favorite baby products with you today.

You may already know I’m a huge fan of Nicki’s Diapers and their Buy One Give One program from past blog posts.  I’ve tried all their one size cloth diaper products, so when Caleb was born, they were kind enough to send me some of their newborn diapers to try out as well.  Of course, they did not disappoint!  Today, I’d like to share Nicki’s three newborn cloth diaper options: an All In One, a cover, and a fitted.

Newborn Bamboo All In One

Fit: Of the three Nicki’s newborn diapers, the bamboo AIO (All In One) is the smallest.  This is perfect for really tiny newborns and fits nice and trim under onesies.  As you can see in the above picture, it’s already on its largest waist setting for 11 lb Caleb.  There are no rise snaps on this diaper.

Function: With the bamboo insert that can snap out for easier washing and drying, this AIO is very absorbent.  However, if your baby is a super soaker, they still may be able to out-pee this diaper within a few weeks.  You have the choice between snap and aplix closure, and I prefer the snaps for Nicki’s brand.  Nicki’s also has a newborn Ultimate AIO you can choose, if you prefer stay dry material for your baby.

Favorites: If you have small babies and want a diaper that is easy to use, this newborn bamboo AIO is the perfect choice for you.  The natural fiber bamboo insert is soft against the baby’s skin and is quick to put on.

Newborn Overnight Bamboo Fitted

Fit: Another great choice for tiny babies, the Nicki’s overnight bamboo fitted can snap down nice and small.  Caleb finally outgrew it around three months old (12-13 lbs), but it was a favorite of mine for when he was first born.


Check out the snap down in the front to give an umbilical cord plenty of room!


Newborn Overnight Bamboo Fitted on 11 lb, two month old Caleb.

Function: Since the entire diaper is made out of absorbent bamboo, this is a great choice for heavy wetters.  You need to put a waterproof cover on top to keep clothes dry.  It also has an insert that snaps in for extra absorbency.

Favorites: This diaper is SO soft!  I also love the umbilical cord snap down in the front, so your baby can wear this diaper from day one.  The multi colored snap closure and edging is also a fun feature.

Newborn Cover

Fit: This cover can get very small, but also has the most room to grow because it includes rise snaps.  Caleb is five months old and still easily fits in these covers!

Function: The cover has lots of great features like the crossover snaps for tiny newborn waists, inner flaps to hold inserts in place,  and rise snaps to adjust the size to perfectly fit a small or large baby.  These are also perfect for covering the Nicki’s Newborn Overnight Bamboo Fitted diapers.  You can reuse the covers a few times as long as they aren’t soaked or soiled, so you get the most bang for your buck with these.

Favorites: I personally love the snap closure on these covers, but aplix closures are also available.  I also like how they fit so nice and trim under clothing (I used flour sack towels as inserts the first few months) and the double gussets for holding in any messes.  These covers are definitely my FAVORITES as far as newborn diapers go!

How does the newborn cover compare to Nicki’s One Size cover?  Here is a picture of both on the smallest settings.  You can see it is quite a bit smaller, and while the OS cover can fit newborns, the newborn cover is much less bulky under clothing and leaves no gaps for messes to escape.  🙂

If you are wanting to cloth diaper a newborn, all of Nicki’s newborn diapers are a great choice.  You can order yours here.  If you want to see how the Nicki’s one size diaper covers fit on newborns, check out my favorite OS diapers for newborns.

I received a Nicki’s newborn bamboo fitted and newborn diaper covers free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Nicki’s Overnight Bamboo Fitted Review

Life has been pretty busy for us this last month.  We found our dream house, moved, listed our old house, and sold it all in a month’s time!  At seven months pregnant with two toddlers three and under, this was no easy feat.  But we are finally settled (thanks to grandparents watching the kids so I could unpack), and I thought I was way overdue for another blog post!

If you’ve read my other cloth diaper reviews, you already know I’m a huge fan of Nicki’s Diapers.  So when they came out with an overnight bamboo fitted a few months ago, I HAD to give it a try!  Evelyn is a heavier wetter than Jeremiah was, so I needed a new night time solution.  She will even soak through disposable diapers at night on occasion.  This girl is well-hydrated!


The One Size Overnight Bamboo Fitted Diaper by Nicki’s Diapers comes is made completely out of soft and squishy bamboo and comes with a snap-in bamboo insert (the insert unsnaps for more efficient washing/drying).  I’d say the size is generous and will fit larger babies into the toddler years.  If you need a fitted for newborns/smaller babies, Nicki’s also has a newborn version of this style.  Evelyn is over 22 lbs at 18 months, and I still have her on the smallest rise setting for the one size version.  Compared to using prefolds and doublers at night, this diaper is less bulky under pj’s.  That’s definitely a huge bonus!



This diaper is the most absorbent night time cloth solution I’ve tried (although I haven’t tried the popular sustainablebabyish fitteds)!  While Evelyn will still occasionally leak out of it, I’d say it’s at least as absorbent as a disposable diaper.  She drinks a TON of water throughout the day, and sleeps a solid 13+ hours at night.  It out performs the econobum prefold/bamboo or the flip organic night/bamboo combos I used with both Jeremiah and Evelyn.  I’m definitely a fan.  I can also add an extra insert under the snap in bamboo insert if extra absorbency is needed.

What Cover/Fitted Combo Works Best?

img_0432I tried a BUNCH of different covers over the Nicki’s Overnight Fitted.  Because it has the ruffled legs and is generously sized, it doesn’t fit nicely under every kind of cover.  I tried Buttons, Imagine AI2, and Blueberry Coveralls, but my favorite cover over the Nicki’s Fitted is the Nicki’s One Size Cover.  It is large enough to cover the entire fitted and doesn’t add much extra bulk.  I’d guess the Imagine covers would work nicely as well…especially since they don’t have the interior flaps, but I haven’t been able to give those a try personally.  As you can see in the picture below, the Nicki’s One Size Cover and Overnight Fitted make a perfect pair!


Where Can I Get One?

The Nicki’s Overnight Bamboo Fitted is one of the best quality diapers for the price you can find (as is true with all Nicki’s products).  You can buy yours from Nicki’s Diapers website.  The overnight fitteds are very popular diapers, so they may not always be in stock.   I’d recommend joining the Official Nicki’s Cloth Diaper Chatter Facebook group and liking Nicki’s Diapers to stay updated on when they get diapers in stock.

Want to see more of my favorite cloth diapers/products?  Follow my Pinterest page!

I received a Nicki’s Overnight Fitted diaper free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.  This post may contain affiliate links.



Tidy Tots Diaper Review

I’m SO excited to share another new cloth diaper I was able to try out recently.  I first heard of Tidy Tots from another cloth diaper blog, and they sounded so cool, I wanted to give them a try for myself.


Evelyn was excited to give Tidy Tots diapers a try too!

Tidy Tots diapers were designed to make cloth diapering easy, especially for someone just starting out.  They took two big cloth diaper “fears” (what do you do with the poop, and how do you put them on) and created simple solutions for both.

I was sent the 4 Diaper Snap Essential Set to review.  This set came with two one size covers, four inserts, four boosters, one roll of flushies (flushable liners), and a wet bag.  This is a great starter set to give Tidy Tots diapers a try.


Tidy Tots 4 Diaper Snap Essential Set (wet bag not pictured).

Features: Adorable one size cover with snaps and flaps to hold inserts in place.  Instead of rise snaps, the cover has incredible leg elastics that stretch as the baby grows.  This makes it a customized fit without any guess work, and perfect for babies of any shape or size!  The inserts are 100% organic hemp and come with a booster that fits inside if you need extra absorbency.  Each insert has velcro on the back to hold the flushies in place, so they don’t bunch up.


The unique leg elastics make it easy to get a perfect fit on every body shape and size!

Function: Overall, this is a very straightforward diapering system.  Just wrap the flushable liner around the insert, snap the insert in place (you can pre stuff it with a booster for night or a heavy wetter), and you are good to go!  If you change a poopy diaper, plop the poop (and liner*) in the toilet and throw the diaper in the pail or wet bag.  The covers can be reused if they aren’t soaked or soiled, so you have less laundry.


Each hemp insert has an opening in the back to stuff a booster, if extra absorbency is needed.  The velcro on the sides of the opening hold the flushies in place.

The hemp inserts are very absorbent, and have an opening in the back for the booster to fit inside.  The boosters agitate out in the wash, so you don’t have to unstuff them.  The velcro holds the flushies in place, and then attaches to itself in the wash so it doesn’t snag other laundry.  This is a great feature, because the biggest complaint about flushable liners in general, is that they bunch up and don’t catch all the poop!

Fit: My favorite feature of the Tidy Tots diaper was the leg elastics.  Their ability to stretch without needing to adjust rise snaps keeps the diaper simple to put on.  It’s perfect for the mom diapering two or more children in different sizes, because you don’t ever have to change the fit from a baby to toddler!  It seemed to fit both kids well, without any extra adjustments.  I love using these covers for night time diapering, because they have lots of space for extra stuffing, without leaving any leg or waist gaps.  I haven’t had a leak in this diaper yet!

Overall I think this is a great cloth diaper!  I love how you never have to worry about gaps around the legs, poopy diapers are very easy to clean, and the prints are adorable.

Love what you see and want to give them a try?  You can find them here.  Or, enter for a chance to WIN your own Tidy Tots 2 Diaper Trial Set!  Leave a comment sharing your favorite “no hassle” Tidy Tots feature and enter the giveaway below. **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**
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I received a Tidy Tots 4 Diaper Snap Set free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.

*Not all flushable liners are compatible with sewage and septic systems.  Some can cause clogs and damage, so make sure they will work with your system before flushing. 

Nicki’s Ultimate All-In-One Review

Today, I want to share a brand new Nicki’s Diapers product with you.  If you read my post comparing their cloth diaper types, you already know I’m a huge fan.  So when they came out with their Ultimate All-In-One diaper, I just had to give it a try!  I was really excited to get the new Little Dipper print.  It is beautiful!

Features: Microfiber snap-in insert (topped with stay-dry material) and a stay-dry liner.  Comes in either snap or aplix closures, and the snap option has crossover tabs.

Function: This All-In-One diaper is easy to use with the insert that can snap out before washing to speed up drying time.  This is by far the simplest diaper in the Nicki’s line up!  The stay dry liner on the insert makes it easy to clean up poops, and the encased elastics mean it’s just one step to put it on.  The only learning curve for some people is the direction you fold down the insert.  If you fold it the wrong way (microfiber up toward the baby instead of down), the microfiber will be directly in contact with the baby’s skin causing extreme dryness.  😦

Fit: The fit is very similar to the Nicki’s Bamboo AIO.  It’s still smaller than the Nicki’s pocket or cover, but can easily fit my 2.5 year old on the largest waist and rise settings.

Now, what all the Nicki’s Bamboo AIO fans are wanting to know…

How does the Ultimate compare with the Bamboo?

Features: At a glance, the two diapers look very similar.  There are two big differences: first, the snaps for the insert are exposed on the Ultimate, compared to a flap covering the snaps on the Bamboo.  It really doesn’t make much of a difference, except when poop squishes up the back.  It may be slightly easier to unsnap the insert from the Ultimate.

Ultimate: +1, Bamboo: +0



Exposed snaps on the Nicki’s Ultimate vs. flap covering snaps on the Nicki’s Bamboo


The other big difference is the leg elastics.  The Ultimate has encased elastics while the bamboo has rolled elastics.  Both are gentle on my kids’ legs, but rolling in the elastics on the bamboo creates an extra step.

Ultimate: +1, Bamboo +0


Encased elastics on Nicki’s Ultimate vs. rolled elastics on Nicki’s Bamboo

Finally, the stay dry topped microfiber insert does make cleaning up poop easier (it doesn’t stick as much), and I’ve found it doesn’t stain as easily.  The bamboo diapers are stain magnets!  A downside to the Ultimate is the possibility for a bad diaper rash if someone folds the microfiber insert the wrong way.  The bamboo doesn’t have that risk.

Ultimate: +2, Bamboo: +1


Ultimate stay-dry topped microfiber insert (white) vs. Bamboo insert (blue)


Ultimate stay-dry topped microfiber insert (white) vs. Bamboo insert (blue)


Size: The size is pretty similar for both diapers.  While there did appear to be a big difference in size when laid on top of each other, when I put both the Ultimate and Bamboo on Evelyn, the Ultimate ended up being roomier and needed to be snapped down to a smaller size.  Both fit 32 lb. Jeremiah on the largest snap settings.


Absorbency: To test the absorbency, I poured water in 1/4 c. increments into each diaper.  I didn’t test the speed of absorbency…just the quantity of liquid each diaper could hold.


Nicki’s Ultimate AIO on left vs. Nicki’s Bamboo AIO on right

I was very impressed with both diapers!  And in real life, both work wonderfully for Evelyn with no leaks.  However, the Bamboo did end up winning this test by successfully containing 1 3/4 c. of water!  The secret is really in the bamboo lining the cover that catches any leaks.  So while an average wetter may not tell the difference, I’d still recommend the Bamboo AIO for heavy wetters.

Ultimate: +0, Bamboo: +1

So, which would I recommend?  Honestly, it’s a matter of  preference!  Both are excellent diapers with features that stand out from each other.  If stay dry material is important to you, I’d go with the Ultimate, but if you need maximum absorbency, the Bamboo is probably a better choice for you.

What is your favorite feature of the new Nicki’s Ultimate All-In-One?

I received a Nicki’s Ultimate AIO diaper free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Cloth Diaper Laundry (It’s Easier Than You Think)

One of the first questions I am asked when I tell people I cloth diaper Jeremiah (after, “What do you do with the poop?”) is “How do you clean them?”  And this is a great question, because if you choose to cloth diaper your baby, you will be doing laundry every few days!

If you spend any time on a Facebook cloth diaper chat room, you will see a majority of posts about how people wash them.  Everyone has their own opinion about the perfect washing routine, and it can be overwhelming!  And while I know that each person will need to use some trial and error to find out what works for them, I’m going to share what it looks like on MY cloth diaper laundry day to give you an idea of how easy it is!


  • First, I start filling up the washing machine to the correct water level for the load size.  I also add in some Biz to help get them extra clean.  I have an “Extra Rinse” setting on my washing machine I use, but some also have Pre-Rinse settings.
  • IMG_1861Next, I take the wetbag where I store dirty diapers and dump them in the washing machine.  The wetbag also goes in the wash.
  • I let the diapers agitate a few seconds, then leave them to soak for a little while (30 minutes-an hour – I stop the cycle by opening the lid.).
  • After an hour, I close the lid and let the washer finish it’s extra rinse cycle and drain.


  • I set my washing machine on the longest wash cycle* (Super Wash) and add the correct amount of detergent for the load size.  Personally, I use powder Gain, but I know many cloth diapering moms who love Tide.  As long as your diapers come out smelling clean and the detergent doesn’t contain fabric softener, you are good!

*I don’t usually do an extra rinse at the end, but sometimes I forget to change the setting on my washing machine (as you can see in the above picture).  🙂



  • Our dryer isn’t the best, so to save money and energy, I use a drying rack for all my diapers and inserts.  Even if you have a great dryer, you may want to line dry the covers to minimize wear & tear on the elastic.

STEP 4: PUT THEM AWAY (and admire your pretty stash)IMG_1860

I use All-In-Two diapers, which don’t require any stuffing or extra prep.  Here is a picture of how I store my diapers.  I also have a basket of inserts sitting on the changing table to the right (just outside the picture).

Cloth Diaper Washing Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO start with a simple routine that is similar to how you wash your regular laundry.  This includes using the correct water and detergent amounts for your load size.  Most likely, you can use your regular laundry detergent on your diapers (as long as it doesn’t contain fabric softener).
  • DON’T use fabric softeners (either in your laundry detergent or in your dryer).
  • DO change one thing at a time if you want to troubleshoot an issue.  If you change multiple things at once, you won’t know what is the key to your success or causing problems.

Well, there you have it.  Hopefully that gives you an idea of how simple it is to wash cloth diapers!  I have a lot more information on washing cloth diapers on my Pinterest board.  You should check it out here and follow me!

Leave me a comment!  What cloth diaper laundry questions or tips do you have?

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Cloth Diapering: My Story

list2Let’s talk about cloth diapers.  Before Jeremiah was born, I didn’t know anything about them, except that I wore cloth as a baby (my diapers were eventually used as car washing rags) and they involved plastic pants.  So I didn’t really give it much consideration, until I saw a friend’s baby in a cloth diaper.  And it was adorable!

My friend took me to the local cloth diapering store where they showed me the in’s and out’s of cloth diapers.  There were so many possibilities, I was amazed that there was a cloth diaper to fit any lifestyle and budget.  Not to mention the fun fabrics and prints…and no crinkly plastic pants in sight!

Anyone can tell you that my husband and I are quite frugal as well, so the price was a big deal.  I already felt like I was bleeding money buying all the baby gear and was looking for any possible way to save some.  When I crunched the numbers, I discovered that I would start saving money on diapering before Jeremiah turned six months old.  If you’ve ever looked at the prices on a package of disposable diapers, that is a BIG DEAL!  Needless to say, that made the decision even easier.


I must admit, I used disposables from my baby shower for the first month after Jeremiah was born, and I don’t regret it.  There is enough to adjust to with a new baby, and no need to add extra laundry or a new diapering system to mix.  But, when they were almost gone, I pulled out my first few diapers I had purchased and nervously put one on him.  I also joined some cloth diapering groups on Facebook and spent the nighttime feeding hours scouring Pinterest and blogs for advice.

JD in his first cloth diaper (a Softbums Echo).

Jeremiah in his first cloth diaper (a Softbums Echo).

My husband was not really a fan of the idea of cloth diapering, but when I showed him the possible savings, he said I could give it a try.  A lot of people ask how to get their spouse/significant other on board with diapering and one thing that really helped us was buying a variety of brands for us both try out.  Then, he and I each picked our top brand (they were different) and I created a “mini stash” of 4-5 diapers just for him.  While he won’t admit to being a huge fan, I have caught him showing his friends how easy cloth was to use, and he appreciates the savings.  When we do use disposables on trips, he can’t get over how weird they smell and how much more they leak than cloth. Now, we both look forward to getting back to our cloth diapering routine when we get home!


Now, almost a year later, I am SO glad I am using cloth.  Not only is the savings wonderful, but changing diapers is fun.  The cute prints and fun colors are something I look forward to using each day.  Not to mention, they are my staple accessory for monthly photo shoots to document Jeremiah’s first year.  I love sharing my story with other moms and showing them how easy cloth diapering can be.


Here’s some basic advice I’ll leave you with if you’re interested in starting cloth diapering.

  • Go to a local cloth diapering store, or ask a friend who cloth diapers to show you what they use.  Touching/seeing them in person is a great way to start figuring out what will work best for you.
  • Set a budget…and stick to it!  You don’t have to have a lot of money to cloth diaper.  For as little as $100, you can have everything you need to diaper your baby from birth to potty training.  Check out what my $100 Cloth Diaper Stash would look like HERE.
  • Try a few different kinds before you buy an entire stash.  One diaper may seem like the one you’ll like the most, but until you put it to the test, you won’t know for sure.  You may even want to check out a diaper trial program that lets you sample various brands/types before you buy.
  • Join the cloth diaper community.  Check out blogs like Dirty Diaper Laundry for helpful advice about ALL your cloth diapering questions.  You can also follow me on Pinterest to see all the cloth diapering resources I’ve found helpful on my journey.