My Favorite (Essential Oil) Things

I started to really enjoy using essential oils a little over a year ago.  My sister in law was kind enough to give us some different oils as a gift, and once I found some that made a difference for me (lavender oil for mosquito bites and burns is amazing), I was hooked.  Since then, I’ve tried to learn a lot more about essential oils and how they can be used and enjoyed by my family, and I’ve had the chance to share them with my friends.  There is a TON of information about essential oils available (unfortunately not all is accurate), but here are some of my favorite products and resources to get you started if you’d like to give them a try for yourself.

Want to know what essential oils are?  Click here to find out!

Essential Oil Brands:

Plant Therapy – this is my go-to place for essential oils.  They are high quality AND affordable.  Plant Therapy also labels which oils are safe to use around children, so it’s very easy to know what I can use on and around my kids.  My favorite place to start shopping is the gift set section.  They have a lot of different varieties, so you can find a set that is the perfect fit for you and your family.  I would definitely recommend giving Plant Therapy’s Top 3 KidSafe Set 10 ml a try!

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

doTerra – is a popular brand of essential oils.  They are a multi-level marketing company (Young Living is another popular one), so if you’d like to get oils for free (or make some money while sharing what you love about essential oils), this is a good place for you.  My sister in law has a doTerra account, and since her friends and family order oils from her, she gets a LOT of oils for free!  However, if you are just wanting to buy oils to try, you will pay at least twice as much through doTerra (or Young Living) than you would from Plant Therapy.  They also don’t have as many safety guidelines and practices available as Plant Therapy.

Essential Oil Accessories:

AromaFuseDiffuser: I’ve tried a bunch of different diffusers, and the AromaFuse diffuser from Plant Therapy is probably the best one I’ve found.  It has a 15 min on-30 min off and a 30 min on-30 min off CYCLE, which are the recommended diffuser patterns, and you don’t have to babysit it.  It can run up to 10 hours before needing a refill.  This one from Amazon is another favorite, and is definitely a great quality for the price.  Here’s another (slightly smaller) option from a brand I also like.  What do you look for in a diffuser?  One that has a timer in 1 hour increments is probably the best advice I’ve received.  You don’t need your diffuser to run constantly.  Usually one hour one, one hour off cycles is the most effective use for a diffuser.  Both of these have a built in timer and are great because I can put in about four-six drops of oil, and it will last for several hours before needing a refill.


Roller Bottles: Almost all essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil (usually fractionated coconut oil) before being used topically.  These roller bottles make it easy to apply oils safely without having to mix the essential oil and carrier oil every time.  I take my most-used oils, like lavender, and make a roller bottle mix.  Then, I can carry it in my purse or keep it handy at home to use whenever I need it.  *Tip: to remove the roller ball from the bottle, use the loosened cap to pinch and pull the roller ball piece off toward the side of the bottle.  It should pop right off.


 This book is a great resource for how to use essential oils.  It has recipes for a ton of different health and wellness uses, and is my go-to for any questions I have.

Want a cheat sheet to help you know how to mix essential oils with a carrier oil?  Or maybe which oils are safe (or should be avoided) for children?  This is an easy way to learn how to use essential oils at a glance.

Finally, here’s a website that is a great place to learn more about essential oils.  This website was created by a certified aromatherapist who is passionate about helping people learn more about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them.  This includes lots of recipes, free classes, and searching by topics (like pregnancy, pets, kids, etc.).

How about you?  What questions do you have about essential oils?  Or, if you’re an EO fan, what is your favorite oil and why?

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

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