Tidy Tots Diaper Review

I’m SO excited to share another new cloth diaper I was able to try out recently.  I first heard of Tidy Tots from another cloth diaper blog, and they sounded so cool, I wanted to give them a try for myself.


Evelyn was excited to give Tidy Tots diapers a try too!

Tidy Tots diapers were designed to make cloth diapering easy, especially for someone just starting out.  They took two big cloth diaper “fears” (what do you do with the poop, and how do you put them on) and created simple solutions for both.

I was sent the 4 Diaper Snap Essential Set to review.  This set came with two one size covers, four inserts, four boosters, one roll of flushies (flushable liners), and a wet bag.  This is a great starter set to give Tidy Tots diapers a try.


Tidy Tots 4 Diaper Snap Essential Set (wet bag not pictured).

Features: Adorable one size cover with snaps and flaps to hold inserts in place.  Instead of rise snaps, the cover has incredible leg elastics that stretch as the baby grows.  This makes it a customized fit without any guess work, and perfect for babies of any shape or size!  The inserts are 100% organic hemp and come with a booster that fits inside if you need extra absorbency.  Each insert has velcro on the back to hold the flushies in place, so they don’t bunch up.


The unique leg elastics make it easy to get a perfect fit on every body shape and size!

Function: Overall, this is a very straightforward diapering system.  Just wrap the flushable liner around the insert, snap the insert in place (you can pre stuff it with a booster for night or a heavy wetter), and you are good to go!  If you change a poopy diaper, plop the poop (and liner*) in the toilet and throw the diaper in the pail or wet bag.  The covers can be reused if they aren’t soaked or soiled, so you have less laundry.


Each hemp insert has an opening in the back to stuff a booster, if extra absorbency is needed.  The velcro on the sides of the opening hold the flushies in place.

The hemp inserts are very absorbent, and have an opening in the back for the booster to fit inside.  The boosters agitate out in the wash, so you don’t have to unstuff them.  The velcro holds the flushies in place, and then attaches to itself in the wash so it doesn’t snag other laundry.  This is a great feature, because the biggest complaint about flushable liners in general, is that they bunch up and don’t catch all the poop!

Fit: My favorite feature of the Tidy Tots diaper was the leg elastics.  Their ability to stretch without needing to adjust rise snaps keeps the diaper simple to put on.  It’s perfect for the mom diapering two or more children in different sizes, because you don’t ever have to change the fit from a baby to toddler!  It seemed to fit both kids well, without any extra adjustments.  I love using these covers for night time diapering, because they have lots of space for extra stuffing, without leaving any leg or waist gaps.  I haven’t had a leak in this diaper yet!

Overall I think this is a great cloth diaper!  I love how you never have to worry about gaps around the legs, poopy diapers are very easy to clean, and the prints are adorable.

Love what you see and want to give them a try?  You can find them here.  Or, enter for a chance to WIN your own Tidy Tots 2 Diaper Trial Set!  Leave a comment sharing your favorite “no hassle” Tidy Tots feature and enter the giveaway below. **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**
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I received a Tidy Tots 4 Diaper Snap Set free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.

*Not all flushable liners are compatible with sewage and septic systems.  Some can cause clogs and damage, so make sure they will work with your system before flushing. 

104 thoughts on “Tidy Tots Diaper Review

  1. Allison says:

    “The velcro holds the flushies in place, and then attaches to itself in the wash so it doesn’t snag other laundry”. — This sound genius! I’m new to cloth, so I’m not sure if this is a feature of other brands. I haven’t come across it yet, so I’m guessing it’s a unique thing. 🙂

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