VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review

Even if you don’t start out with much, it doesn’t take long for one child to amass a large quantity of toys.  Before a second birthday, you will have enough toys to create a good bit of clutter in your house, unless some serious organization takes place.  Jeremiah has had quite a few favorite toys in his almost 2.5 years of life, but there is one that has by far been a favorite for a majority of that time.  Today, I’m going to share with you a toy that is fairly inexpensive and your child can get YEARS of use out of.

I found the recommendation for the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker on a blog featuring 15 Toys for Baby’s First Year (great suggestions, by the way!).  The walker is pretty simple, but it never stops being fun.  I’ll share how it’s fun at many different ages:

2-6 months – Tummy Time Play.  You can take the play panel off the walker and lay it on the floor.  Evelyn loves hitting the buttons, seeing it light up, and listening to the music.IMG_6500

6-9 months – Sitting Up Play.  Now that your little one is sitting up, you can reattach the play panel to the walker.  I set the walker against a wall so it wouldn’t roll away, and Jeremiah had a great time playing with it first sitting, then kneeling in front of it.


9-14 months – Learning to Walk.  The Sit-to-Stand became even more popular with Jeremiah as he learned to walk.  You can adjust how fast the wheels spin so it doesn’t go too fast at first.  Jeremiah pushed this EVERYWHERE until he was walking on his own.  We took it outside, to the park, pretty much anywhere we could let him practice his walking.


1-2+ years – Pushing/running.  I packed up the Sit-to-Stand for a few months, and when I pulled it back out again, Jeremiah once again took off with it.  Now, he loves to push it around the house, running as fast as he can.  This is pretty much what he does every evening we spend at home.  When he was learning to walk, we took the walker to the park where other 2 year olds were playing.  They immediately were drawn to it and ended up taking turns pushing it around the entire time we were there.  I was amazed that older kids still found this so much fun to play with!


Where do I get one? If you want a new one, it’s pretty inexpensive, and great to put on a baby registry list.  Amazon has them for under $30!  I found ours gently used on a Facebook garage sale page, but I also see tons of them at children’s consignment sales even less expensive.

What toy have you found to be a long-time favorite?  Leave me a comment!

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