Buttons Cloth Diaper Review


Our newest family member: Evelyn!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post.  The main reason for the lack of writing is I have been getting ready for the birth of our second child.  Evelyn was born three weeks ago, and things are finally starting to settle in place!

Today, I’m going to write my first cloth diaper review.  You can see my story about why I decided to cloth diaper here.  It’s been almost two years since I started my journey, and I’ve had the opportunity to try many kinds of diapers.  And when the owners of Buttons asked me to write a review about their cloth diapers, I was more than happy to share my love for Buttons with you!


Buttons “Critter” cover


Buttons large hemp insert (left) and microfiber insert (right).

The Stats: Buttons are an All-In-Two (AI2) diapering system.  They are comprised of a one size cover and a snap-in insert.  The inserts are two sizes: small and large, and come in either microfiber or hemp.  Both inserts have a stay-dry micro fleece liner on top.  They also have overnight doublers in both sizes and fabric types.  Buttons diapers were designed to reuse the covers used a few times by just changing the inserts.  That means less laundry and more money for you, since you don’t have to buy a cover for each diaper change!

JD at nine months old in his Buttons diaper.

JD at nine months old in his Buttons diaper.

My Story: I started using Buttons diapers about a year and a half ago.  It started with just a couple of covers and some flour sack towels I used as inserts.  I immediately was impressed by how well the diaper cover was made.  It has two layers of PUL, but still has a lot of stretch to get a nice fit.  The double-guesset leg elastics are great at holding in messes too.  I use the covers mainly for my day time diapering because they were so trim and fit nicely under Jeremiah’s clothes.

When Buttons came out with their hemp inserts a few months ago, I splurged and added some more covers and the inserts to my stash.  By this point, I was so impressed, I decided to make them a majority of my stash.  When we found out we were expecting Evelyn, it gave me a good excuse to top off my stash with a few more covers and inserts.  🙂  Now, almost all of Evelyn’s diapers are Buttons!

What I LOVE:

High quality product – The covers and inserts look and feel very high quality.  With regular use for about 1.5 years, the elastics are just barely relaxed compared to a new cover (some are not relaxed at all!).  And they still have LOTS of life left in them.  That’s awesome compared to other popular (and more expensive) brands of diapers I’ve tried!

Stretchy cover – The stretchy PUL makes it easy to get a good fit on your baby.  There is also a small bit of elastic across the front of the waist, so you don’t have any weird gaps across the tummy.

IMG_3547IMG_3548Snap-in inserts – My first AI2 diaper system I used had inserts that just laid inside the cover.  It worked great when Jeremiah was little, but once he decided he didn’t like diaper changes, it made changes even more difficult with an insert that he could kick out of place easily.  Buttons inserts snap in, making it simple to change the diaper quickly and easily.  They always stay in place!

Interchangeable inserts with other AI2 covers – Buttons inserts and covers are compatible with a number of other AI2 diaper brands.  That makes finding an insert to snap in easy if you have variety in your stash.

Price – For the quality of diaper, Buttons are definitely one of the most affordable diapering systems.  For just a little over $200, you can get everything you need to cloth diaper your baby – including wipes and a wet bag!

IMG_3564Adorable prints and brilliant colored covers – The website does not do the colors of the covers justice!  The solids are rich and beautiful colors, and the prints make diaper changes fun for moms and toddlers.  Jeremiah loves his Critter cover and wants to look at all the animals each time we put it on him!  And to go with their name, each cover has a cute button embroidered on the back.

Hemp insert INCLUDING a stay-dry liner – Buttons is the only cloth diaper brand that I know of with this feature.  Many moms prefer natural fiber inserts like hemp, cotton, or bamboo because they are very absorbent and they clean up easier than microfiber.  But these materials do not wick moisture away from the baby’s skin.  Buttons hemp inserts have a stay dry liner on top, so any moisture is pulled away from the baby and into the insert.  These inserts are VERY absorbent, and Jeremiah can go up to 4-5 hours without leaks!

IMG_3333A one-size cover that actually FITS a newborn! – When Evelyn was born, I was eager to try some cloth diapers on her.  We don’t have any newborn diapers, so I decided to give all my one-size diapers a try.  While many claim they can fit a baby from birth to potty-trained, Buttons was one of the few covers that actually fit her!  I like to fold a flour sack towel into a mini kite fold and snappi it under the Buttons cover.  It’s a little more bulky than using a newborn cover, but there aren’t any leg or tummy gaps where leaks could occur.  Definitely a win!


Evelyn wearing her lavender Buttons cover at just five days old and 7 lbs 10 oz.


Jeremiah wearing his Buttons Critter diaper at 23 months and 28 lbs.

Overall, Buttons diapers are an easy-to-use, affordable diapering system I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to give cloth diapers a try.  They have wonderful customer service and a variety of buying options – whether you want to get a trial pack with a cover and a few inserts, or make them your entire diaper stash.  Want to give them a try?  You can shop for Buttons here on their website or here on Amazon.

Just for fun, here are some “action shots” of Jeremiah wearing his Cherry Buttons diaper.  🙂


IMG_3167Share your thoughts!  Check out the Buttons website and let me know your favorite print or color…or your favorite feature Buttons diapers offer.

I received a Buttons diaper free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.  This post may contain affiliate links.