Total Baby App Review

If you’ve been around a pregnant lady for any length of time, you may notice she has something people refer to as “pregnancy brain.”  Somehow, when you’re pregnant, your memory just disappears!  I too, experienced (and am currently experiencing) pregnancy brain.  My husband was at first concerned, but now he just uses it against me in arguments, “You can’t remember anything anyway, so I must be right!”  Haha!

I was so looking forward to it’s disappearance after Jeremiah was born, but unfortunately it got worse…much worse!  Between days, then weeks, then months of sleep deprivation paired with heavy duty pain drugs (thank you, birth, surgery, and a kidney stone for those!), my mind was pretty much mush.  But, thanks to a handy little app, I was able to keep Jeremiah well cared for without having to use too much precious brain power!  🙂  Today, I’d like to share the highlights of the Total Baby App and why I think every mom would find this very helpful.

Total Baby is an app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (sorry, Android users) created by ANDESigned.  It basically keeps track of everything your baby does, from dirty diapers to doctor visits.  I paid $4.99 for it, and it has definitely been worth every penny!  I used it daily with JD for the first year of his life (while he was nursing) and still use it to keep track of his milestones, doctor visits, and medications for when he’s sick.

On the main screen of the app, you will see some basic icons across the top to keep track of diapers, feedings, sleeping, baths, and just random events (like medicine or tummy time).  These make it quick and easy to navigate through the app.  Under each icon, it shows how long it has been since the last time you recorded an activity.  This is really helpful if you forgot when you last gave your baby a bath and you see it’s been a few days!

You can also see a list of the day’s activities that you recorded and how long each took.  At the bottom, you will see your baby’s information with a picture, if you update it.


I was surprised when the hospital and doctor wanted me to keep track of all of Jeremiah’s diapers.  Then I realized they are a great indication to see if he’s getting enough to eat.  This app made keeping records easy, since I always had my phone with me.  No need to carry around a pencil and paper everywhere!


One of my favorite features of this app was the ability to record feedings.  When you push the “L” or “R” button, it automatically starts a timer so you know how long you spend nursing on each side.  There is also an option to add bottle feedings, so even if you aren’t nursing, this is still very helpful.  If you are feeding with a bottle, it will document the number of ounces your baby eats at each feeding.

Total Baby also records when you pump and keeps track of where all your milk is stored.  You can easily know the expiration dates and how much you have stored away.  This was very handy…especially as I moved milk from the freezer upstairs into the deep freezer in the basement.  Total Baby automatically adjusted the expiration dates for me!


A feature I really appreciate about this app is the Automatic alarm.  Basically, you can set it to remind you to start an event (like the next feeding or when to give more medicine), and it will automatically set an alarm for ___ hours after you finish the event.  No need to remember to start an alarm or timer on your phone.  This was very helpful the first few weeks of Jeremiah’s life when he wasn’t gaining weight as quickly as the doctor would like.  I just set a Feeding Timer for 3 hours, and it would automatically reset itself after each feeding.

That’s not all!  Total Baby also has a Diary section where you can record significant dates or stories from your baby’s life.  It has a Milestones section (a virtual baby book) so you remember to write down all those special dates for first steps, first words, etc.  You can add a picture to each entry as well, as a fun way to remember these events.  The Doctor Information is great for tracking growth, vaccinations, and other important things to remember for doctor visits.  Even though Jeremiah is 20 months old, I still use these features!

IMG_2254 IMG_2255 IMG_2256

Are you impressed?  For most moms, this is more than enough to keep track of your baby’s day, but for the nerds out there (like me), there’s even more!  Total Baby will also create graphs and charts so you can see trends and habits forming (like sleeping/feeding patterns) or know how many diapers you changed each month.  I occasionally looked at these just for fun, but also found it helpful to see how much time JD spent nursing on each side to keep things even.  🙂


It took me months to figure out all the cool features Total Baby offers, and I’m sure there may be more I haven’t discovered yet.  For a forgetful, but organized person like me, this app was a LIFESAVER.  If you’re more go-with-the-flow, I think it still has some features you would find helpful, but you definitely don’t need to do it all!

Want to get this app?  You can download it off of iTunes or go here.

Share Your Thoughts: What Total Baby feature would you find most helpful?

*Note: This review is 100% my own opinion.  I did not receive any compensation in exchange for my review.