Nursery Baby Essentials

Putting together the baby’s nursery is one of the things that helped the reality of “we’re going to have a baby!” set in for me.  We transformed our guest bedroom into a cozy place where we spent many hours after Jeremiah was born.  While some people use the nursery from day one, others like to have their babies sleep in their room with them for a while.  Regardless, these are baby items my friends and I have found to be invaluable for the nursery.


Night lights – these are great for lighting the way for those midnight feedings.  I’d recommend one for your room, the baby’s room, and the hallway.  I really like these LCD lights…they give off a gentle light that helps you see, but doesn’t make the room bright.

Crib Mattress – There are SO many options when you search online!  And while you can easily spend over $100 on one, I found the best was this one from  It’s a little bigger so it fits the crib snugly and got great reviews.  For under $40, I was excited to get such a great deal!

Waterproof Crib Pad – Get two of these so when you need to wash the sheets, you will have a clean one to put back on the bed right away.  These are great for protecting the mattress and make washing up messes in the crib easy!

Changing Dresser – I found a great deal on ours from Craigslist!  Get one with lots of drawers (I like to keep all the current baby clothes and diapers stored there) so everything is within arm’s reach while you’re changing diapers/clothing.  You can buy one that is marketed as a changing table, or just look for a nice well-made dresser you can use after the baby is potty trained.


Crib – This is another one I found for a great deal on Craigslist.  We got one that will turn into a toddler and then full size bed, so it will last us a LONG time!  Note: if you buy one used, make sure all the bolts and screws are included (it’s even better if you can help disassemble it).  If not, you may be running to Lowe’s to get extra bolts or special-ordering them online.

Crib Sheets – Get two or three sets of these as well.  That way when you need to wash bedding, you have one ready to go for the next nap or bed time without being in a hurry to wash them up.

Rocking Chair – I don’t even want to think about the number of hours I spent sitting in that chair during Jeremiah’s first year of life.  You can buy one for cheap, but honestly, you will use it so much, it’s worth splurging on if you can!  Here is a link to my “dream” rocking chair.  Getting one that reclines is a great feature so you can lean back and doze while feeding/snuggling your baby in the middle of the night.

Black Out Curtains – These are so good to have for nap time!  At first, infants can sleep anywhere, but eventually they will get sensitive to light and having a nice dark room for them to sleep in is so helpful.

Nice to Have:

Breathable Mesh Crib Liner – This gave me a peace of mind while Jeremiah was little that it would keep his little arms and legs from getting stuck between the crib bars.  These are much safer than the traditional bumpers, which may be linked to SIDS deaths.

Clock – This is nice for keeping track of feeding times, sleeping patterns, etc.  I found this one at Target and love the simplicity of it as well as the price.  It comes in a variety of colors, so you should be able to find one to match your nursery decor!

Well, there you have it!  I’m not going to give any advice in decorating (definitely NOT my strong point), but here are some pictures from Jeremiah’s room just for fun.  I am thankful to Pinterest for giving me most of the decorating ideas for his room!





If you want to see my entire list of Baby Essentials, you can click here: Baby Registry List Also, I’d love to have you follow me on Pinterest. Here’s the board I made to help me visualize all the baby essentials my friends recommended to me (along with a few favorites I’ve added along the way).

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Cloth Diaper Laundry (It’s Easier Than You Think)

One of the first questions I am asked when I tell people I cloth diaper Jeremiah (after, “What do you do with the poop?”) is “How do you clean them?”  And this is a great question, because if you choose to cloth diaper your baby, you will be doing laundry every few days!

If you spend any time on a Facebook cloth diaper chat room, you will see a majority of posts about how people wash them.  Everyone has their own opinion about the perfect washing routine, and it can be overwhelming!  And while I know that each person will need to use some trial and error to find out what works for them, I’m going to share what it looks like on MY cloth diaper laundry day to give you an idea of how easy it is!


  • First, I start filling up the washing machine to the correct water level for the load size.  I also add in some Biz to help get them extra clean.  I have an “Extra Rinse” setting on my washing machine I use, but some also have Pre-Rinse settings.
  • IMG_1861Next, I take the wetbag where I store dirty diapers and dump them in the washing machine.  The wetbag also goes in the wash.
  • I let the diapers agitate a few seconds, then leave them to soak for a little while (30 minutes-an hour – I stop the cycle by opening the lid.).
  • After an hour, I close the lid and let the washer finish it’s extra rinse cycle and drain.


  • I set my washing machine on the longest wash cycle* (Super Wash) and add the correct amount of detergent for the load size.  Personally, I use powder Gain, but I know many cloth diapering moms who love Tide.  As long as your diapers come out smelling clean and the detergent doesn’t contain fabric softener, you are good!

*I don’t usually do an extra rinse at the end, but sometimes I forget to change the setting on my washing machine (as you can see in the above picture).  🙂



  • Our dryer isn’t the best, so to save money and energy, I use a drying rack for all my diapers and inserts.  Even if you have a great dryer, you may want to line dry the covers to minimize wear & tear on the elastic.

STEP 4: PUT THEM AWAY (and admire your pretty stash)IMG_1860

I use All-In-Two diapers, which don’t require any stuffing or extra prep.  Here is a picture of how I store my diapers.  I also have a basket of inserts sitting on the changing table to the right (just outside the picture).

Cloth Diaper Washing Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO start with a simple routine that is similar to how you wash your regular laundry.  This includes using the correct water and detergent amounts for your load size.  Most likely, you can use your regular laundry detergent on your diapers (as long as it doesn’t contain fabric softener).
  • DON’T use fabric softeners (either in your laundry detergent or in your dryer).
  • DO change one thing at a time if you want to troubleshoot an issue.  If you change multiple things at once, you won’t know what is the key to your success or causing problems.

Well, there you have it.  Hopefully that gives you an idea of how simple it is to wash cloth diapers!  I have a lot more information on washing cloth diapers on my Pinterest board.  You should check it out here and follow me!

Leave me a comment!  What cloth diaper laundry questions or tips do you have?

This blog post may contain affiliate links (all opinions and reviews are still 100% my own).  If you purchase through them, you’ll be supporting The List Mama – Thanks!