Restaurant Survival Kit: Everything You Need to Eat Out with Your Baby

I created my own Restaurant Survival Kit after many times of being out running errands and deciding last minute to eat out for lunch or dinner (I rarely carry a diaper bag with me).  My kit stays in the car, so I have it whenever I need it!  I use mine so much, I think this will be my new go-to gift for baby showers.  It’s filled with everything Jeremiah needs to eat a meal, and some extras to keep him entertained while we are waiting for our food to arrive.

Want to make your own?  Here’s what I put in mine:


I use the Thirty One Keep It Tote to store everything.  It comes with two side pockets (great for a Puffs container and sippy cup) and five front pockets.  And, it’s small enough to keep in the car and easy to grab on your way in to eat.

Keep It Clean:

  • Disposable Place mats
  • Disposable Bibs
  • Antibacterial Hand Wipes
  • Clorox Wipes

Keep It Cold:

  • Take & Toss Sippy Cup/Bottle
  • Thirty One Medium Thermal Zipper Pouch
  • Food pouches/baby food & spoons
  • Snack foods: Cheerios, Puffs, crackers, boxes of raisins, etc…

Keep It Fun:

  • Small books or toys (easy to clean & quiet)
  • Pacifier

Here are some mini reviews of some of my favorite items in my kit:

Neat Solutions Table Topper

IMG_1511 – These are GREAT!  Jeremiah loved to teeth on the edges of tables when he was little…yuck!  These place mats are plastic and stick on all four sides to the table.  They are great for setting finger foods on, and the pictures can keep toddlers entertained too.  When you’re done eating, just peel them up and throw them away.

– I tried remembering to restock my kit with clean bibs, but it was too much to worry about.  Now, I keep some in the diaper bag, in my purse, and it my Restaurant Survival Kit.  They are pretty water-resistant and actually work better than some reusable bibs we have at keeping clothes clean.

The First Years Take and Toss Feeding Pack

IMG_1513 – When I asked my mommy friends about their favorite sippy cups, many recommended Take & Toss Sippy Cups.  I initially wasn’t interested in cups you throw away, BUT these are REUSABLE!  They are dishwasher safe, and are pretty durable for cups that are so inexpensive.  Some come with handles to help younger babies hold them, and others come with caps so they don’t leak.  They actually have an entire set of dishware, which makes transporting food from home and feeding easy to do.  And at the price, if you accidentally forget them at a restaurant, it’s no big deal!

Thirty One Medium Thermal Zipper Pouch


– This is the perfect size to fit inside the Keep It Caddy.  The thermal pouch keeps food warm or cold for a LONG time…and can fit a surprising number of items inside.  It’s great for keeping bottles, homemade baby food, etc. the perfect temperature while you’re out.

Gogo SqueeZ Applesauce

IMG_1512 – For food items, I always try to keep food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated in the bag as a back up (food pouches, raisin boxes, store-bought baby food, etc.).  That way I’m never left without food for Jeremiah and I don’t have to worry about forgetting food and having it spoil.  I’m a huge fan of this brand because these pouches do not have any extra ingredients.  It is purely the fruit listed on the label.  I didn’t have to worry about food allergies when I was first introducing solids to JD, and these were easy to take along.  Also, they are a lot less messy than feeding with a bowl and spoon!

Obviously, there are plenty of other things to add to your kit as you get to know your baby better.  Hopefully this will give you the freedom to be more spontaneous and eat out with less worry because you are prepared!  And these can make adorable baby shower gifts as well!

What would you add to your survival kit?  Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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