Bath Time/Health Care Baby Essentials

Be prepared!  Some great advice a friend gave me while I was pregnant was to get a variety of medicines/health care items BEFORE you need them.  Inevitably, your baby will need them at times when buying them at the store is inconvenient if not impossible.  She got a baby health care kit a friend put together for her, and said it was SO helpful. I’m also including baby bath items on this list because you will end up using a lot of it together.  Bath time can be a little intimidating at first, but will soon become a favorite activity for you and your little one.  It was our “main event” of the day this last winter when going outside wasn’t possible.

The Essentials:

  • Baby Wash
    – Even if you don’t register for this, you will probably get it as a gift.  I got a few different sized bottles and found it really handy to have the smaller ones for traveling.
  • Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
    – this is a lot better than the typical lotion you see in the baby section.  My pediatrician recommended it to me because lotions can dry out the skin, while Eucerin and Aquaphor will not.  So skip the Johnson’s Baby Lotion and register for this!  Note: This is now my go-to diaper rash cream.  It works better than Buttpaste and Desitin!
  • Hooded Towels
    – You only need about three total.  The hooded ones are so nice to have, it’s definitely worth it.  Some of my friends have made their own using tutorials like this from Pinterest.  But, if you’re not crafty, you can also register for a few.  🙂
  • Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors
    – Trimming baby nails is maybe the most challenging part of taking care of your baby’s health needs…and it seems like you need to do it daily!  Teeny, tiny fingers and hands and legs that constant move can make it quite difficult.  But these nail scissors are definitely the best for the job.  It’s easy to see where you are cutting so you don’t accidentally trim a finger tip instead of the nail.  You can also turn them either direction, so you can cut nails from a variety of angles – something that I’ve found very helpful!
  • Baby Tylenol (and/or Ibuprofen)
    – This is really good to have around for helping deal with fevers.   You never know when you’ll need it, so keep it handy.  Talk with your pediatrician to make sure you give your baby the correct dosage for their age/weight.
  • Little Remedies Tummys Gripe Water
    – Some parents have found this very helpful for colic/gas relief.  We didn’t use it a lot, but it was handy for the occasional fussiness that wasn’t fixed by anything else.
  • NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspiratornosefrida
    – This sounds way more gross than it really is.  So many of my friends started using this and said they will never go back to the bulb snotsucker again, and I agree!  It is very easy to use and effective…and the snot never gets close to you.  The thing I like the most about it (other than how great it works), is that you can take it apart and clean it – something you can’t do with the bulb snotsucker you get at the hospital.
  • Braun Forehead Thermometer
    – While it’s likely you already have a thermometer at home, you may want to consider getting one specifically for your baby.  You want one that is quick and easy to use.  Holding a regular thermometer under the armpit of your fussy baby for 2-3 minutes is not an ideal situation.
  • Vicks BabyRub Soothing Ointment
    – Fortunately for us, Jeremiah went a LONG time before he ever got really sick.  But we did put it to use a few months ago when he was suffering from congestion and it was so nice to rub on his little chest and back to help give him some relief.
  • Baby Washcloths
    – You will use these for more than just bath time.  I got a bunch from my baby shower and I’m very glad I kept all three sets.  You can use them for wiping hands and faces after meals, runny noses, or cleaning up spills or other bodily fluids.  🙂

Very Nice to Have, But Not Essential:

  • Easy Kneeler
    – We didn’t have one of these for a long time, but we got one as a late baby gift and LOVE it!  It’s so much nicer on your knees during bath time, and can hold washcloths, etc. in it.
  • Blooming Baby Bathblooming-bath-baby-bath-yellow
    – There are a lot of different options for bath tubs you could get.  Many friends recommended this one because it is so easy to store between baths, it fits easily in your sink so you’re not using a lot of water, and it’s comfortable for babies to sit in.

Well, there you have it…all my favorite bath and health care products!  If you’d like my complete list of baby items you’ll need, you can download it here for FREE: Baby Registry List. This blog post may contain affiliate links (all opinions and reviews are still 100% my own).  If you purchase through them, you’ll be supporting The List Mama – Thanks!


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