Finding the Best Baby Gear Bargains


How would you like to save over $4,000 as you prepare for a new baby?  As I mentioned before, I am frugal almost to a fault.  So when it came time to start looking for baby gear, I knew I wanted to save as much money as I could while still getting nice stuff that would last through multiple kids.  And while baby showers are nice, the two showers our family and friends gave us were not enough to cover all the bases for baby gear.  With that all said, of the $6,000+ I could have spent on baby gear, I only ended up spending $2,000…that means over $4,000 of savings!

BORROW: If you have a friend who already has kids, chances are they have a TON of stuff just sitting around in storage taking up space.  Maternity clothes, baby swings, toys, etc.  My friends were more than happy to loan me their baby gear while they weren’t using it.  Just make sure you take good care of it and keep a record of who everything belongs to.

BUY USED: So many used baby items are in like-new condition and easily washable.  This is a great way to save on your baby gear!

Consignment Sales – This is my favorite way to shop for baby gear!  We have a bunch of baby & kid consignment sales that occur periodically around the city.  I “like” their facebook pages so I can stay up-to-date on when sales are going to be and mark my calendar.  Not only have I found the best deals at these sales, but shopping is easy because you can usually pay with credit card.  No taking the time to buy one item at a time from various people.  It’s all in one big spot (which is really important if your baby is already born), so you’re not wasting time driving across the city and getting your baby in and out of the car.  I went to my first consignment sale the last day it was running, and while it was quite picked over, I was still able to snag some great deals.  Oftentimes, they will mark everything down even more the last day of the sale!  Now, I try to make it to them as early as possible (some even have presale passes you can get), because the really good deals go fast.

Craigslist/Facebook Garage Sale Groups – When I first started scouting out great deals, I used Craigslist a LOT!  I was able to find an almost-new Ergobaby carrier (worth over $100) for just $35 and a glider rocking chair (worth over $120) for $15 from Craigslist.  I would highly recommend downloading the Craigslist App for your phone if there are specific things you are looking for.  It’s great because it keeps track of items you want and can alert you when one is posted.  Very cool!  The only reason this is not my top shopping method is it takes a lot of time to drive around and meet people for one item at a time.  But, if the deal is good enough, that can be worth it!

Garage Sales – When I was a kid, my mom was really into shopping at garage sales.  We had a lot of fun marking down possible good sales, and she had the knack for finding not only great deals on stuff we needed, but for other people as well.  I tried going to sales a few times before Jeremiah was born, but was disappointed to find high prices and striking out at sale after sale.  When you want something specific, this is the most time consuming shopping method.  The best time to find deals is during neighborhood or city-wide sales.  That way you can shop at multiple sales in a shorter period of time.

Friends/Neighbors – My neighbor across the street heard that we were expecting and was a great resource to find some baby gear.  They just finished having kids a couple years before and had a stroller, high chair, and a couple other baby items we were needing.  She gave me a great deal on them, and I saved her the trouble of having to sell it later.  It’s amazing how generous people can be, and I’ve been given more baby clothes than I could even use by friends and neighbors (and even a stranger!).  If they are a little ahead of you in life and finishing up their families, they are a great place to find tried-and-true baby gear.

BUY NEW: There are just some things better to get new…especially if you are just starting your family.  Car seats are one of them.

Amazon Smile – Everyone knows how easy it is to order on Amazon.   But did you know about Amazon Smile?  They will donate 0.5% of everything you spend to a charity of your choice!  I know it’s not a ton of money, but when you’re buying a bunch of new baby gear, it can really add up.  And it doesn’t cost you anything.  Amazon also has a baby registry.  They will give you 10% off your order one time from your registry, so save up for what you want and get it all in one big purchase at a discount.  🙂

Target Cartwheel App – I was recently introduced to this when I was looking to buy a convertible car seat for Jeremiah.  This app will ADD ON to the discounts already in the store.  So, I got a $200 car seat for just $135, including tax.  This is a great deal for the things you want to buy new!

Babies R Us and Target Baby Semi-Annual Sales – Babies R Us and Target have sales about two times a year on lots of their baby gear.  Wait for the sale before you purchase anything from these stores.  I was able to get a really nice infant car seat & stroller using the sales.  You can sign up online to get notifications when the sales are taking place.  Babies R Us also has a car seat/baby gear trade-in event every year.  You can bring an old, expired baby gear and get 25% off a brand new one!  You can grab an old car seat, strollers, etc. from Craigslist for cheap or free and use them as your trade-in items.

Well, there you go…hope this can give you some ideas on how to save money as you are stocking up on baby gear.  Want to see my must-have baby items?  Check out my free Baby Registry List!

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