Sleeping/Soothing Baby Essentials

ImageSleep…what is that?  That’s how I felt the first few months of Jeremiah’s life.  Oh, what I would give for just a few precious hours of consecutive sleep!  I want to know: how do babies KNOW the moment your head hits the pillow or you step into the shower?  You could stay awake for hours watching them sleep, but as soon as you take a minute for yourself, they are wide awake wanting you again!

The good news is…it doesn’t last forever.  🙂  Jeremiah has been sleeping through the night (mostly) since he was six months old and could roll himself over and grab his paci.  Thank goodness!  In the meantime, we did whatever we could to get him to sleep as long as possible (and healthy, since he had trouble gaining weight the first month of his life).  Here are my favorite sleeping/soothing baby items that my mommy friends recommended I get when I was making my baby registry:

The Essentials: (I already talked about these in an earlier post, but they are worth mentioning again!)

  • HALO SleepSack (get two in each size, cotton for summer or fleece for winter)
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Aden & Anias Swaddle Blanket Photo by Jackie Cooper Photo

Very Nice To Have, But Not Essential:

Nice To Have:

I’ll spend the next few posts with in-depth reviews of these items, but this should get your baby registry list off to a great start!

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