Cloth Diapering: My Story

list2Let’s talk about cloth diapers.  Before Jeremiah was born, I didn’t know anything about them, except that I wore cloth as a baby (my diapers were eventually used as car washing rags) and they involved plastic pants.  So I didn’t really give it much consideration, until I saw a friend’s baby in a cloth diaper.  And it was adorable!

My friend took me to the local cloth diapering store where they showed me the in’s and out’s of cloth diapers.  There were so many possibilities, I was amazed that there was a cloth diaper to fit any lifestyle and budget.  Not to mention the fun fabrics and prints…and no crinkly plastic pants in sight!

Anyone can tell you that my husband and I are quite frugal as well, so the price was a big deal.  I already felt like I was bleeding money buying all the baby gear and was looking for any possible way to save some.  When I crunched the numbers, I discovered that I would start saving money on diapering before Jeremiah turned six months old.  If you’ve ever looked at the prices on a package of disposable diapers, that is a BIG DEAL!  Needless to say, that made the decision even easier.


I must admit, I used disposables from my baby shower for the first month after Jeremiah was born, and I don’t regret it.  There is enough to adjust to with a new baby, and no need to add extra laundry or a new diapering system to mix.  But, when they were almost gone, I pulled out my first few diapers I had purchased and nervously put one on him.  I also joined some cloth diapering groups on Facebook and spent the nighttime feeding hours scouring Pinterest and blogs for advice.

JD in his first cloth diaper (a Softbums Echo).

Jeremiah in his first cloth diaper (a Softbums Echo).

My husband was not really a fan of the idea of cloth diapering, but when I showed him the possible savings, he said I could give it a try.  A lot of people ask how to get their spouse/significant other on board with diapering and one thing that really helped us was buying a variety of brands for us both try out.  Then, he and I each picked our top brand (they were different) and I created a “mini stash” of 4-5 diapers just for him.  While he won’t admit to being a huge fan, I have caught him showing his friends how easy cloth was to use, and he appreciates the savings.  When we do use disposables on trips, he can’t get over how weird they smell and how much more they leak than cloth. Now, we both look forward to getting back to our cloth diapering routine when we get home!


Now, almost a year later, I am SO glad I am using cloth.  Not only is the savings wonderful, but changing diapers is fun.  The cute prints and fun colors are something I look forward to using each day.  Not to mention, they are my staple accessory for monthly photo shoots to document Jeremiah’s first year.  I love sharing my story with other moms and showing them how easy cloth diapering can be.


Here’s some basic advice I’ll leave you with if you’re interested in starting cloth diapering.

  • Go to a local cloth diapering store, or ask a friend who cloth diapers to show you what they use.  Touching/seeing them in person is a great way to start figuring out what will work best for you.
  • Set a budget…and stick to it!  You don’t have to have a lot of money to cloth diaper.  For as little as $100, you can have everything you need to diaper your baby from birth to potty training.  Check out what my $100 Cloth Diaper Stash would look like HERE.
  • Try a few different kinds before you buy an entire stash.  One diaper may seem like the one you’ll like the most, but until you put it to the test, you won’t know for sure.  You may even want to check out a diaper trial program that lets you sample various brands/types before you buy.
  • Join the cloth diaper community.  Check out blogs like Dirty Diaper Laundry for helpful advice about ALL your cloth diapering questions.  You can also follow me on Pinterest to see all the cloth diapering resources I’ve found helpful on my journey.

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