Tushmate Newborn AIO and One Size AIO Review

Now that I once again have TWO kids in cloth diapers at the same time, I thought it was the perfect time to share my thoughts on the All-In-One cloth diapers by TushMate.  They were gracious enough to send me two beautiful diapers to try out for this review.

Newborn AIO


Features: The newborn AIO is made up of a waterproof TPU shell, a semi-attached hemp/cotton insert, and a stay dry liner on top.  As is true of all All-In-One diapers, everything is attached, which makes putting on the diaper very simple.  The insert can unfold to make it easy to wash and fast to dry.  Like all the TushMate prints, each diaper is printed so BOTH sides are right-side up,  and every diaper has a perfect picture on the bum.  The attention to detail sets this brand apart from many others.  My favorite feature?  The hook & loop closure.  It is the softest velcro (no scratchy edges or hooks to scratch sensitive baby skin), but is the stickiest I’ve tried.  I don’t know how they do it, but it’s amazing!


My favorite TushMate feature…the soft and sticky hook & loop fastener!


The stay dry liner keeps baby’s skin dry.


This gorgeous print is “right-side up” both in the front and back!

Function: The design of the newborn AIO makes it very easy to use.  No inserts to attach, and it all stays together in the wash.  I really like that it has both a natural fiber insert AND a stay dry liner on top.  The liner paired with the cover gives the diaper double gussets to keep in those newborn messes.  For absorbency, I’d say that it would be great for light-average wetters, but not for heavy wetters.  Fortunately, because the attached insert can fold out of the shell for washing and drying, it also gives the diaper a pocket to add extra absorbency.  That way it can work well for any newborn.


The fold out hemp/cotton insert makes it easy to wash and dry this AIO diaper.

Fit: The newborn AIO fit my 8 lb little guy perfectly.  It has adjustable rise snaps, so it can grow with your baby until he or she fits into one size diapers.  The velcro placement was perfect, so it didn’t scratch Caleb’s belly (unlike other brands I tried).  And the thin hemp/cotton insert made it the most trim fitting newborn diaper I tried as well.  It can easily fit under onesies and other tiny newborn clothes without being too bulky.


One Size AIO

Features: The one size AIO has the same features as the newborn AIO.  This is one of TushMate’s newest prints…colorful globe.  Isn’t it just beautiful?  I love that the AIO also has the same hidden snaps as TushMate’s AI2 diaper.  This makes adding in an extra TushMate insert very easy.



Function: Once again, the AIO diaper is definitely easy to use.  Even adding in an extra insert, the stay dry liner snaps to the front and hides all the layers inside the diaper.  This makes for a very simple diaper to put on.  I chose the snap closure for my diaper, but they can also come with their amazing hook & loop closure.  Evelyn is an average-heavy wetter, and while she could soak the attached hemp/cotton insert, I could add in the TushMate large hemp/cotton insert, and that would last for hours.  While it’s an AIO, TushMate definitely wins the award for most versatile diaper, since you can customize the absorbency for any baby.

Fit: Like the newborn AIO and their OS AI2 diaper, the TushMate AIO is a very trim diaper.  It has a great fit, and I don’t think Evelyn will outgrow it before she’s potty trained.


What’s your favorite feature of the TushMate AIO or newborn AIO?  Want to see more about the TushMate AI2 one size diaper?  Check out my review here.  Finally, check out TushMate’s website for more of their beautiful prints and to order your own diapers!  🙂

I received a TushMate newborn AIO and a One Size AIO diaper free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.

My Favorite (Essential Oil) Things

I started to really enjoy using essential oils a little over a year ago.  My sister in law was kind enough to give us some different oils as a gift, and once I found some that made a difference for me (lavender oil for mosquito bites and burns is amazing), I was hooked.  Since then, I’ve tried to learn a lot more about essential oils and how they can be used and enjoyed by my family, and I’ve had the chance to share them with my friends.  There is a TON of information about essential oils available (unfortunately not all is accurate), but here are some of my favorite products and resources to get you started if you’d like to give them a try for yourself.

Want to know what essential oils are?  Click here to find out!

Essential Oil Brands:

Plant Therapy – this is my go-to place for essential oils.  They are high quality AND affordable.  Plant Therapy also labels which oils are safe to use around children, so it’s very easy to know what I can use on and around my kids.  My favorite place to start shopping is the gift set section.  They have a lot of different varieties, so you can find a set that is the perfect fit for you and your family.  I would definitely recommend the “Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint” gift set and/or the KidSafe “Wellness Sampler” set to give essential oils a try.

doTerra – is a popular brand of essential oils.  They are a multi-level marketing company (Young Living is another popular one), so if you’d like to get oils for free (or make some money while sharing what you love about essential oils), this is a good place for you.  My sister in law has a doTerra account, and since her friends and family order oils from her, she gets a LOT of oils for free!  However, if you are just wanting to buy oils to try, you will pay at least twice as much through doTerra (or Young Living) than you would from Plant Therapy.  They also don’t have as many safety guidelines and practices available as Plant Therapy.

Essential Oil Accessories:

diffuserDiffuser: I’ve tried a bunch of different diffusers, and this one from Amazon is my favorite, and is definitely a great quality for the price.  Here’s another (slightly smaller) option from a brand I also like.  What do you look for in a diffuser?  One that has a timer in 1 hour increments is probably the best advice I’ve received.  You don’t need your diffuser to run constantly.  Usually one hour one, one hour off cycles is the most effective use for a diffuser.  Both of these have a built in timer and are great because I can put in about four-six drops of oil, and it will last for several hours before needing a refill.

Roller Bottles: Almost all essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil (usually fractionated coconut oil) before being used topically.  These roller bottles make it easy to apply oils safely without having to mix the essential oil and carrier oil every time.  I take my most-used oils, like lavender, and make a roller bottle mix.  Then, I can carry it in my purse or keep it handy at home to use whenever I need it.  *Tip: to remove the roller ball from the bottle, use the loosened cap to pinch and pull the roller ball piece off toward the side of the bottle.  It should pop right off.


 This book is a great resource for how to use essential oils.  It has recipes for a ton of different health and wellness uses, and is my go-to for any questions I have.

Want a cheat sheet to help you know how to mix essential oils with a carrier oil?  Or maybe which oils are safe (or should be avoided) for children?  This is an easy way to learn how to use essential oils at a glance.

Finally, here’s a website that is a great place to learn more about essential oils.  This website was created by a certified aromatherapist who is passionate about helping people learn more about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them.  This includes lots of recipes, free classes, and searching by topics (like pregnancy, pets, kids, etc.).

How about you?  What questions do you have about essential oils?  Or, if you’re an EO fan, what is your favorite oil and why?

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Nicki’s Overnight Bamboo Fitted Review

Life has been pretty busy for us this last month.  We found our dream house, moved, listed our old house, and sold it all in a month’s time!  At seven months pregnant with two toddlers three and under, this was no easy feat.  But we are finally settled (thanks to grandparents watching the kids so I could unpack), and I thought I was way overdue for another blog post!

If you’ve read my other cloth diaper reviews, you already know I’m a huge fan of Nicki’s Diapers.  So when they came out with an overnight bamboo fitted a few months ago, I HAD to give it a try!  Evelyn is a heavier wetter than Jeremiah was, so I needed a new night time solution.  She will even soak through disposable diapers at night on occasion.  This girl is well-hydrated!


The One Size Overnight Bamboo Fitted Diaper by Nicki’s Diapers comes is made completely out of soft and squishy bamboo and comes with a snap-in bamboo insert (the insert unsnaps for more efficient washing/drying).  I’d say the size is generous and will fit larger babies into the toddler years.  If you need a fitted for newborns/smaller babies, Nicki’s also has a newborn version of this style.  Evelyn is over 22 lbs at 18 months, and I still have her on the smallest rise setting for the one size version.  Compared to using prefolds and doublers at night, this diaper is less bulky under pj’s.  That’s definitely a huge bonus!



This diaper is the most absorbent night time cloth solution I’ve tried (although I haven’t tried the popular sustainablebabyish fitteds)!  While Evelyn will still occasionally leak out of it, I’d say it’s at least as absorbent as a disposable diaper.  She drinks a TON of water throughout the day, and sleeps a solid 13+ hours at night.  It out performs the econobum prefold/bamboo or the flip organic night/bamboo combos I used with both Jeremiah and Evelyn.  I’m definitely a fan.  I can also add an extra insert under the snap in bamboo insert if extra absorbency is needed.

What Cover/Fitted Combo Works Best?

img_0432I tried a BUNCH of different covers over the Nicki’s Overnight Fitted.  Because it has the ruffled legs and is generously sized, it doesn’t fit nicely under every kind of cover.  I tried Buttons, Imagine AI2, and Blueberry Coveralls, but my favorite cover over the Nicki’s Fitted is the Nicki’s One Size Cover.  It is large enough to cover the entire fitted and doesn’t add much extra bulk.  I’d guess the Imagine covers would work nicely as well…especially since they don’t have the interior flaps, but I haven’t been able to give those a try personally.  As you can see in the picture below, the Nicki’s One Size Cover and Overnight Fitted make a perfect pair!


Where Can I Get One?

The Nicki’s Overnight Bamboo Fitted is one of the best quality diapers for the price you can find (as is true with all Nicki’s products).  You can buy yours from Nicki’s Diapers website.  The overnight fitteds are very popular diapers, so they may not always be in stock.   I’d recommend joining the Official Nicki’s Cloth Diaper Chatter Facebook group and liking Nicki’s Diapers to stay updated on when they get diapers in stock.

Want to see more of my favorite cloth diapers/products?  Follow my Pinterest page!

I received a Nicki’s Overnight Fitted diaper free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.  This post may contain affiliate links.



Hospital/Birth Packing List

With my brother and sister-in-law expecting their first baby this October, I figured it was appropriate to share my hospital packing list.  I’ve used and refined it two times already, and will use it again this December when Anders Baby #3 makes his appearance!

If it was up to my husband, we would have our bags packed a good month before the baby’s due date…for me, I’m a packing procrastinator and wait until a week or two before.  But, in this case, he usually gets his way, and honestly, it’s probably for the best!

*Disclaimer: I am a minimalist when it comes to packing.  There are a lot more things expecting moms can bring, but these are my tried-and-true essentials. 

Hospital/Birth Packing List

For Mom:

  • Going Home Outfit (make it comfy…especially in the tummy area in case of a C-Section.  No skirts…trust me.  You’ll still need maternity clothes for the trip home.)
  • be Band (to hold in that post baby belly)
  • Nursing Cami (I LIVED in these the first few months as a new mom!)
  • Nursing Bra – the Bravado Body Silk is my absolute favorite!  I have four.  🙂
  • Robe – Get something lightweight made with cotton or bamboo like this one.  It’s SO nice to wear after the baby is born, easy to nurse in, and keeps you modest for visitors.  🙂
  • Nursing Cover
  • Slippers/warm socks
  • Pillow
  • Toiletries for overnight (most hospitals don’t provide shampoo, etc.)
  • Chapstick
  • Hairdryer
  • Makeup (minimal)
  • Nursing Pillow (I love the Boppy and My Brest Friend pillows)
  • Disposable Nursing Pads (I like reusable ones, but disposables are great the first few weeks when you don’t want to do a ton of laundry.  Johnson’s is the most comfortable brand I’ve tried…others are really scratchy.)
  • Lanolin Cream for nursing.  Trust me, you need this!  If you are allergic to wool, you may want to try this cream instead.
  • Cell Phone & Charger
  • ID, Insurance Card, Power of Attorney, Birth Plan (I found a simple birth plan to edit online like this one)
    *Leave jewelry at home!

For Dad:

  • Cell Phone & Charger, Camera & Charger
  • iPad & Charger (great for watching TV shows during labor and afterwards)
  • Cash (for vending machine)
  • Snacks & Water Bottle
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Hoodie/Clothes (3 days) PJ’s
  • Slippers
  • Pillow
  • Air Mattress (our hospital has terribly uncomfortable pull-out beds.  The air mattress is a much more comfortable option!)
  • Toiletries for overnight
  • List of people to call/text when you go to the hospital & when baby arrives (trust me…you won’t remember everyone when you’re in the moment, and you may forget to tell someone really important.  Just make the list!)

For Baby:

  • Baby Swaddling Blanket (The Nicki’s or Imagine Bamboo blankets are my favorites!  You can order one or more here.)
  • Carseat
  • Going Home Outfit (I don’t bring other outfits and use the hospital onesies/hats while we are there)
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Kit from http://www.cordforlife.com.  This is a great way to provide life-giving stem cells!  You have to apply to donate cord blood before you are 34 weeks pregnant.

At the Hospital/Birth Center, Ask to Take Home: 

Anything you (or the baby) use while you’re there!

  • Newborn Diapers
  • Extra Mesh Underwear
  • Ice packs
  • Nipple shields 
  • Extra Pads
  • Hemorrhoid Cream
  • Tucks Hemorrhoidal Pads
  • Baby Comb

Leave me a comment, what hospital/birth essential would you add to the list?  Download this list and more with my Baby Registry List.

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TushMate AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

I first heard about TushMate diapers while researching cloth diapering options for Jeremiah at the start of my journey.  Two TushMate AI2 Starter Kits were actually some of the very first diapers I ever bought!  Great reviews and a flexible system were what attracted me to them from the beginning, and I can say, three years and running, they haven’t disappointed.  What’s even better, is how TushMate continues to strive for excellence and keeps coming up with innovative diaper designs!


TushMate AI2 Starter Kits come with a shell (snap or hook and loop closure options), natural fiber inserts, and a stay dry liner.  There are countless ways to use this combo, so you can find what works best for each baby.


TushMate AI2 Globe shell with two hemp/cotton blend inserts.

There are three things I really love about TushMate diapers that sets them apart from other similar style diapers:  First the hidden snaps for the inserts and liner.  These snaps are hidden inside the shell (see picture below), so you never have to worry about them rubbing on your baby.  This is especially great because you can choose to use the shell with TushMate inserts, or any insert that works for you…I LOVE using prefolds tucked in the cover flaps for night time diapering.  Because the snaps are hidden away, it doesn’t matter how I use the cover, the snaps are there if I need them, but out of the way if I don’t!


Check out the hidden snaps in the TushMate shell!

Second, I really like the stay dry liner that can snap into the cover.  Many parents want their kids to have a stay dry option, but need the absorbency of a prefold.  These liners are perfect for keeping wetness away from the baby’s skin, and also make a nice double-gusset to keep messes inside.  Once again, they are there if you want them, but you don’t have to use them, if you don’t want to.


Stay dry liner snapped on top of the hemp/cotton insert to keep baby’s skin dry.

Finally, I love the unique way TushMate makes their printed diapers.  The way they print and cut their fabric ensures that EVERY SINGLE DIAPER has a perfectly placed print!  No more being disappointed because your favorite part of the print is missing from your particular diaper.  They have beautiful and unique prints that make every diaper change fun.  With my love for traveling, the Globe print is definitely a favorite of mine.


Every TushMate diaper is printed and cut to ensure EVERY diaper has a perfectly placed print!


I have been very happy with TushMate diapers.  My AI2 diapers from THREE YEARS AGO are still going strong with regular use!  You can’t say that about many brands at all.  They have excellent elastics that are wide and gentle, the covers made with TPU are both thick and beautiful (especially compared with other similar brands), and their flexibility make them work for any cloth diapering need.

The natural fiber inserts (you can choose between 100% cotton and a hemp/cotton blend) and very thin, making it a trim diaper.  For little ones/light wetters, you only need one or two regular inserts with each change.  They also make a large insert that works great for day time diapering.  Inserts agitate out in the wash, keeping your hands as clean as possible during diaper changes.

At night, I use a prefold paired with a regular TushMate hemp/cotton insert, and that will last my kiddos 12 hours!  The covers have flaps to let you tuck inserts inside and keep them from poking out the top and back.


Each cover has front and back flaps to hold any insert in place (even if it’s not a TushMate insert)!


TushMate AI2 diapers are one-size fits all, so they can fit small babies through potty training.  I couldn’t quite get a small enough fit to work on Evelyn when she was a 7 lb newborn*, but it wasn’t long before they started fitting her.  Now, I love how trim these diapers are, and check out how cute their Globe print is on Evelyn!


If your cloth diapering needs are regularly changing, or you like to have OPTIONS without spending a ton of money, TushMate AI2 diapers are perfect for you.  I’m also a huge fan of their customer service.  They stand behind their products and take great care of you too.  Want to give TushMate diapers a try?  Click here.

Leave me a comment!  What is your favorite feature of the TushMate AI2 system?

*TushMate also makes a newborn AIO diaper, for a better fit on tiny babies!

I received a TushMate Starter Kit free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.

Seven Books Every New Parent Should Read

Advice: There never seems to be a shortage of it when you tell someone you’re going to be a mom for the first time.  I am so thankful for friends who have gone before me and are happy to share some excellent resources to help me navigate parenting…both as a new mom, and now, as we are entering the toddler years.  Today, I thought I’d share some resources that really helped me, with the hopes that maybe you’d find some helpful tidbits too, as you strive to be the best parent possible!

*Click on the picture to get the link to the book on Amazon!


Taking Charge of Your Fertility – I first discovered this book while looking into different birth control options.  What I read not only amazed me (how could I go 25+ years AND teach human growth and development without really understanding how my body worked???), but also changed the method we use to plan our family.  Whatever stage you’re at in family planning, I’d HIGHLY recommend sitting down with this book!


 On Becoming Baby Wise – Wish you had an instruction manual for your brand new baby?  This book is just about as good as it gets!  Baby Wise not only helps you learn what to expect those first days/weeks/months with a new baby, but also gives great information on what your baby is capable of at each age, and troubleshoots common issues parents and new babies face. The main principle I walked away with from Baby Wise is this:

“It is our experience that both baby and mom do better when a baby’s life is guided by flexible routine.  PDF (Parent Directed Feeding) is the center point between hyper scheduling on one extreme and attachment parenting at the other.  It has enough structure to bring security and order to your baby’s world, yet enough flexibility to give mom the freedom to respond to any need at any time.” – Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this book!  While neither of my children were “perfect Baby Wise” babies, it was a helpful framework for me to use, and encouraged me to use my judgement to make the decisions that were best for my kids.

Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (there’s a book too, but the DVD is my favorite!) – Danny’s cousins, Drew and Meghan had us watch this video first when I was about seven months pregnant.  Danny would probably say this was the most helpful resource he used as a dad.  Harvey Karp (I refer to him as the Baby Whisperer) shares the five S’s of how to sooth an infant: swaddle, side or stomach position, shush, swing, and sucking.  While I spent most of the first few months focusing on feeding or getting sleep myself, Danny was the one in charge of soothing Jeremiah when we knew he wasn’t hungry.  Danny became a FIVE “S” expert and earned the title of “Baby Whisperer” in our family!


 On Becoming Baby Wise II – This is so helpful as your baby becomes more independent and starts crawling, walking, self-feeding, etc.  Baby Wise II helps you establish meal time manners, wake time activities, nap and sleep time activities, and the beginnings of discipline and baby sign language.  The big idea I walked away from this book with is this:

“Your desire for the developmental harmony of your child makes it necessary that you grant freedoms to the child only after he or she attains the age-appropriate level of self-control.” – Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

Basically, if your child doesn’t have the maturity to handle and use the tv remote properly, don’t give them the freedom to play with it.  Too much freedom brings confusion (ex. “Why am I allowed to push buttons on the remote, but not allowed to chew on it or hit it?”), and too little freedom brings frustration.  This has been so helpful in keeping our home a positive place where I’m not constantly telling my kids “no,” because I keep their environment a place where they have freedom equivalent to their maturity.


Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family – This book has personally challenged me more than anything I have read or heard in a very long time.  Instead of giving you a list of ideas on how to get your kids to behave, it encourages you to take inventory of your own goals and desires as a parent and helps you to change the way you think about parenting your children.  It’s not about a to-do list, it’s about your calling as a parent and how God can help you accomplish the incredible opportunity of parenting your children well.

“Paul Tripp constantly turns us back to the life-giving power of the gospel and God’s unfailing grace. Parenting our children is one of life’s greatest challenges, and Paul points us to the one thing that can make a difference—a genuine en- counter with the living God.”

TobyMac, hip-hop recording artist; music producer; songwriter

Happiest Toddler on the Block – Are you getting to the Terrible Two’s stage?  This book is for you!  This book shares many of the same principles I learned from other parenting resources (like the Love & Logic class I took), and has really helped me communicate in a loving and positive manner with Jeremiah.  It helps me understand where he’s coming from developmentally, and how I can help him be not only happy, but also patient, respectful, and cooperative.  This book is like drinking from a fire hose, so I’d definitely recommend having a friend or spouse read and discuss this book with you as you go through it.  There is also a DVD of the main principles, which is good, but in this case, I’d say the book has a LOT more information that parents would find helpful than the DVD covers!

Toilet Training Without Tantrums – I personally haven’t read this book, but my friend, Kylie gives it her highest recommendation!  Her son was potty trained by 20 months old.  Wow!  This is definitely on my “must read” list.  If you want to hear more about my potty training experience with Jeremiah, check it out here.


The Bible – Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this book!  Not only does it provide sound principles for living, family structure, etc., but it also shares wisdom that helps me be the best parent possible.  Need a good place to start?  Check out Proverbs.  It’s an entire letter from a parent to his child…full of great wisdom and advice!

I want to hear from you!  What is the best pregnancy/baby/child advice you received?

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*Note: none of these books were recommended to judge/guilt/shame parenting styles. You may not agree with everything in the book…that’s ok!  Take what works for you, and leave the rest.  Every parent-child relationship is unique, and requires love, wisdom, patience, and lots of prayer for it to work!

Tidy Tots Diaper Review

I’m SO excited to share another new cloth diaper I was able to try out recently.  I first heard of Tidy Tots from another cloth diaper blog, and they sounded so cool, I wanted to give them a try for myself.


Evelyn was excited to give Tidy Tots diapers a try too!

Tidy Tots diapers were designed to make cloth diapering easy, especially for someone just starting out.  They took two big cloth diaper “fears” (what do you do with the poop, and how do you put them on) and created simple solutions for both.

I was sent the 4 Diaper Snap Essential Set to review.  This set came with two one size covers, four inserts, four boosters, one roll of flushies (flushable liners), and a wet bag.  This is a great starter set to give Tidy Tots diapers a try.


Tidy Tots 4 Diaper Snap Essential Set (wet bag not pictured).

Features: Adorable one size cover with snaps and flaps to hold inserts in place.  Instead of rise snaps, the cover has incredible leg elastics that stretch as the baby grows.  This makes it a customized fit without any guess work, and perfect for babies of any shape or size!  The inserts are 100% organic hemp and come with a booster that fits inside if you need extra absorbency.  Each insert has velcro on the back to hold the flushies in place, so they don’t bunch up.


The unique leg elastics make it easy to get a perfect fit on every body shape and size!

Function: Overall, this is a very straightforward diapering system.  Just wrap the flushable liner around the insert, snap the insert in place (you can pre stuff it with a booster for night or a heavy wetter), and you are good to go!  If you change a poopy diaper, plop the poop (and liner*) in the toilet and throw the diaper in the pail or wet bag.  The covers can be reused if they aren’t soaked or soiled, so you have less laundry.


Each hemp insert has an opening in the back to stuff a booster, if extra absorbency is needed.  The velcro on the sides of the opening hold the flushies in place.

The hemp inserts are very absorbent, and have an opening in the back for the booster to fit inside.  The boosters agitate out in the wash, so you don’t have to unstuff them.  The velcro holds the flushies in place, and then attaches to itself in the wash so it doesn’t snag other laundry.  This is a great feature, because the biggest complaint about flushable liners in general, is that they bunch up and don’t catch all the poop!

Fit: My favorite feature of the Tidy Tots diaper was the leg elastics.  Their ability to stretch without needing to adjust rise snaps keeps the diaper simple to put on.  It’s perfect for the mom diapering two or more children in different sizes, because you don’t ever have to change the fit from a baby to toddler!  It seemed to fit both kids well, without any extra adjustments.  I love using these covers for night time diapering, because they have lots of space for extra stuffing, without leaving any leg or waist gaps.  I haven’t had a leak in this diaper yet!

Overall I think this is a great cloth diaper!  I love how you never have to worry about gaps around the legs, poopy diapers are very easy to clean, and the prints are adorable.

Love what you see and want to give them a try?  You can find them here.  Or, enter for a chance to WIN your own Tidy Tots 2 Diaper Trial Set!  Leave a comment sharing your favorite “no hassle” Tidy Tots feature and enter the giveaway below. **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a Tidy Tots 4 Diaper Snap Set free of charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced by the company.

*Not all flushable liners are compatible with sewage and septic systems.  Some can cause clogs and damage, so make sure they will work with your system before flushing.